Stylish Gender-Free Reversible Scrimmage Jersey

Stylish Gender-Free Reversible Scrimmage Jersey

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Everybody in derby needs a scrimmage shirt!

Haven't you always wanted a scrimmage shirt that was lightweight, breathable, stylish, and even has pockets for your mouth-guard or phone?

Get yours here and get it customized for your needs!

These are all reversible, double the material of other jackets and twice the vinyl customization for just $5 more! Add your derby name and get a front graphic like your team logo!

All standard jackets feature low arm holes, slightly wider back panels to allow for printing of your number, standard front panels, a neckline of choice, drawstrings , vegan suede external labels, and internal pockets for your mouth guard and phone (or whatever else you choose!).

Additional Customization Options:
  • Cut - Standard Cut, Full Coverage Cut, Crop Top
  • Neckline - Cowl, Hood, Low Neck
  • Vinyl Printing - Name and Number Included; Front graphic also included
Please add additional customization requests to your cart at checkout. If you would like any special vinyl customization, please indicate what you would like at checkout. Give us your name and number or just number at checkout in your order notes please.

If you choose to add a front Graphic to your piece and want more than words (quote, hashtag, phrase, ect. - can be included at checkout), you will receive a follow up email requesting the high resolution image file for your graphic/logo.

Note: Allow 3 weeks for delivery. All products are created by hand. They take about 3 hours each to create by hand. This process starts with cutting to labeling, tagging and packaging that is ready for you to tear open like the present it is!