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Want to be a Brand Rep? You are Probably Half-Way There Already!!

Thank you for being a part of this venture thus far. There is a way to get even deeper into theF0LD. Are you interested in being a F0LD Brand Rep? Sometimes all it takes is to wear your F0LD wear and carry a business card! This way anyone who comes up and says, "I love your jacket," you are already armed with a smile and a card.
How Does it Work?: Email with interest. We will sign you up and mail you a stack of 25 business cards. Every Brand Rep will be assigned a specific discount code that will be written on the cards they recieve. Each time that code is used, you recieve a $10 credit toward a new theF0LD item and they get $10 off their purchase. 


This entrepreneurial venture would not have been possible without the support and assistance from my community. I am grateful each and everyday for all of you all and all of those who contributed your energy and heart even without you financial support. 

Emily Rawdon - Company Name Creator

Alley Schell
Jaelyn Brazill
Kali Schumitz
Alex Edwards

Mark Parenti - CPA Support

Christine Murray

Betsy Wrecksie

Lisa Pereiras

Kirsten George

Stephanie Yancey

Sharon Adler


Alinna Prince

Cait Klammer

Angela Patton

Lee Duh

Myra Hallman

Lacey Adams

Erin Sheppard

Kaitlin Apostol

Ka Rugg

Laura D

Jaqueline Thermitus

Diane Faye Zerr - Business Card and Hang Tag Stamp Designer

Heather Weemes

Mishel Castro

Remy Nah

Paula Brantner

Holly Freundlich

Michelle Harrell

Nate Solloway

Dawn Brenner

Felice Trirogoff

Nicole Pollini

Ida Backoff

Jeannie Butler

Barbara Norvell

Holly Baranowski

Maisha Polite

Jennifer Gaskins

Jason Daye


Tara Jackson

Stephanie Acevedo

I want to give a special shout out to Kirstin George of 5 Second Skate Gear and Mishel Castro for helping to create theF0LD logo and putting up with all of my crazy design questions.