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"2 Walls are Better than 1, 3, or 4" Intermediate Class at Derby Fest 2018 Australia

Photo by TJ Chase Playoffs Vancouver 2016

Get to Know Coach Zip!

ZipBlok is a blocker for Philly Roller Derby who is known to take the Jammer or Pivot Panty every once in a while. With the nickname "Bulldozer" even at only 175lbs, she has found ways to take down some of the biggest, strongest, and best in our Roller Derby world today. Shortly after completing fresh meat in DC in 2013, she moved to Philly where, outside of an ACL injury in 2015, she was an active skater on their charter and in the league until 2018.
Increasing lateral Mobility in "All Caught Up" at Derby Fest 2018 Australia
Increasing lateral Mobility in "All Caught Up" at Derby Fest 2018 Australia


PERSONAL SKILLS: As a blocker she specializes in taking jammer space and shutting down lines. As a jammer, she embodies a blocker mentality, combining lateral agility, jumping, and strength to make for unexpected jamming techniques that often trip up defensive lines.

General Individual 1 v 1 Skill Building Clinic in Greensboro
INDIVIDUAL & TEAM COACHING: As a coach she focuses on the mental health of both individual skaters and teams as they develop into the best they have to offer. She believes that there is a lot that we have been taught in derby that hinders our growth as unique, individual, quirky skaters. We are not all cookie cutter people so why are we expected to respond to training that is so specific we may not fit the mold. This sport is at a turning point in development and Derby 101 needs a re-education face lift. Let Zip come help you unlearn to relearn and be at your personal best. 

Derby Re-Education 101 Seminar class at Derby Fest 2018
COACHING COACHES: She also loves coaching coaches on how to work with adult learners and help the adult developing mental game as a coach.

Advanced Level "Jammer Space Snack" Class at Derby Fest 2018 Australia
PERSONALLY: She is a gym rat who believes in power and skill happening just as much off the track as on and as an MSW, understands the value of strong emotional and mental strength needed on the track to compete with the top athletes of this sport today. She is also pretty freaking silly, loves derby about as much as her dog, and just wants everyone to have the same opportunities to grow in this sport as anyone else.

Rail City Roller Derby 4 Hour Clinic Roanoke, VA

Coaching Expertise and Specialties:

  • Building Offensive and Defensive Team Strategy
  • Taking Jammer Space and Effective Tracking as a Blocker
  • Jamming Like a Blocker
  • Developing a Unique Personal Mental Game
  • Derby Re-Education 101 - Unlearning Old Derby Thinking that hinders growth
  • Coaching Coaches to be at their very best for their teams/leagues
  • Developing Derby Specific Cross Training Plans (In Gym/On Track/Off Track)
  • Developing Practice Plans, Drills, and Overall Coaching Consulting
  • Developing Fresh Meat Programing

Available for:

  • League Strategy Development/Consultations
  • Coaching Clinics
  • Team Coaching
  • Coaching 1:1 or Small groups
  • Cross Training Strategies and Plans
  • Coaching Juniors

2016 Roanoke Valley Derby Practice
151 Threads Snot Rocket Science & ZipBlok Clinic Dec 2016
151 Threads Snot Rocket Science & ZipBlok Clinic 2016

Juniors 2 Wall Work Clinic in Australia 
Season Kickoff Strategy and Personal Skill Clinic with 301 Derby Dames in Maryland
Jammer VS Blocker Clinic with Freight Train in Richmond, VA with River City 2017
Team Offensive and Jammer Buy-In Clinic with Star City Roller Derby & Friends 2017
Offense Strategy and Jammer Buy-In Clinic with Greensboro Roller Derby in NC 2017
Rail City General Skill and Strategy Building Clinic 2017
1:1 and 1:2 Skill Building and Jammer Space Clinic in Greensboro 2017