About theF0LD


This clothing movement takes inspiration from the idea there are places gender politics do not belong. To begin dismantling the limited language these politics employ, we have to start somewhere, and theF0LD has chosen clothing to begin the discussion. All clothing at theF0LD is designed for the individual; taking into consideration how that person wants to present and enhance their personal style, whatever that looks like to them. We want people to celebrate their bodies and appearance with grace, without the genderism, sizism, or ageism sometimes associated with shopping for clothing. 

This look may not be for everyone but we wanted to make it for anyone. At our root, theF0LD is a clothing company, but at heart, we’re so much more…WE ARE A MOVEMENT! We’re using something commonplace, clothing, to start and expand what we hope will become a commonplace conversation about non-gendered fashion. If you don’t yet understand the conversation or mission of theF0LD, we still appreciate you as a visitor to the site and customer! If you have questions please feel free to contact us, we, along with the organizations we support, are a resource for you!


About theDesigner

Photo by Amanda Swinger

My name is Zuri Pryor-Graves but some people know me as ZipBlok, Blocker/Jammer for Philly Roller Derby. I use and prefer she and her pronouns. Outside of a few lessons to learn how to use my sewing machine, I have no formal training as a seamstress or designer. I began sewing these jackets 3 years ago, but have been designing, sewing, and manipulating clothing since I was a child.

I recently graduated with a Masters in Education and a Masters in Social Work, both in Human Sexuality. I am a Clinical Sexologist, Sex Therapist, and Sexuality Educator. Before beginning clinical work, I worked in television: at BET, Discovery Communications, and CBS and in creative services, production, and global events, after receiving a double BA in Advertising and Graphic Design from Howard University. I also DJ, paint, sculpt, carpenter, love cute animals and prepare and enjoy eating awesome food!

 With a resume like that, you may think sewing and designing clothing seems like a strange side step? Maybe. But for me, this project is perfectly aligned with many of my other misaligned life ventures, bringing me precisely to this point! This project combines all my education, experience, and passion into one creative package. theF0LD can: be a sounding board for sexuality, allow me to use art to design and execute my ideas into fashion, help me be my own web/card/label/shipping/production/logo designer, aide in creating community, and amplify my voice in the sport I love. 

I am so humbled and excited to be on this journey that is theF0LD, and I am excited for you to join me!