COMING SOON!! - Hinney Packs

COMING SOON!! - Hinney Packs

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Pre-Order Available Here. Will be available to ship January 2017. 

These bags are made for on the go lifestyles for folks with pants pockets too tight or pants too heavy to carry the little stuffs. These bags are made for hip or whiny wear but can also be worn to the back. They come in unique designs with unique materials. No two hiney packs are alike! Use the customization features to create yours today!

These, similar to traditional fanny packs, are waist bags meant to be worn on your hip or hinney. Use these for on the go carry needs. These are made from various heavy recycled canvas. All belts are made of reclaimed recycled seat belts from salvaged cars. Each pack comes with an external clip to hand keys or anything else you need.

These can be custom ordered. Please message us with your needs.