Adult Human Jackets

Welcome to theF0LD Jacket Line

Welcome to theF0LD Jacket Line! These jackets are fashionable accents to any workout, athletic, or skate gear. Each jacket material features its own styling notions and accents. TheF0LD Classic Jacket features mid waist/high/extra low arm holes, medium/narrow/full coverage back, a slouchy cowl neck or big cowl hood, drawstrings, vegan leather external label, and internal pocket(s). 

These jackets are designed for before, during, and/or after your workout. They are a perfect way to keep your core insulated and warm. Keeping your core burning and activated during any workout is essential. This helps you to burn more calories and stay warm without making you feel too hot. With your exposed arms, and breathable armholes you can be fashionable and functional.

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